At, practitioners and the general public have access to free online streaming of audio talks and selected video excerpts; modestly priced downloads of talks; and options to purchase DVDs, CDs and books. Donations have enabled rapid growth in the amount of materials available, which presently encompass most of the his public seminars.

Dharma students from all over the world have visited the new publications website, Judging from their emails and comments, the emerging availability of the Vajra Regent’s work is filling a need, perhaps long-standing for those who knew him. Advantages to bookmarking the site include access to the regularly rotating free streaming audio and video. Inexpensive audio downloads are in MP3 format and can sync to iPod, iPhone or other MP3 players.We are pleased to announce that initial preservation of all the video and audio has been completed as of March 2011.



In 2011 we hope to continue publishing all the video possible for purchase as DVDs, and will continue to provide rotating free streaming video clips and talks on the website as possible.


Initial preservation of analog audio being done, the next task is writing those talks to archival media and rotating digital storage, as well as continuing to clean up talks already finished


Lady Rich has a very active role in the preparation of works for print publication.  She works closely with the various teams in charge of different print projects, assisting with transcribing, verification, editing and design aesthetics. In 2010 we are continuing work on :

Direct Path to Enlightenment - Mahamudra talks from 1988

Vajrayogini Tris 1987-1990

Understanding the Practice of Devotion - Talks from the Vajradhatu seminaries of 1976 through 1988

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Robert Krupnick at


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