We know that seeing the work of the Vajra Regent available to all is the greatest benefit to our donors. In the spirit of sharing what we have collaborated on, we are pleased to thank our donors with these gifts:

  1. *$120/year (or $10/mo) –  A CD from the audio series now in production.

* $240year (or $20mo) – A DVD from the video series now in production.

* $600/year (or $50/mo) – A book from upcoming print projects.

* $1,200/year (or $100/mo) – All of the above.

*US Donors may claim a charitable gift tax deduction. Donors from outside the US may have different tax requirements.

Major Gifts . . .

Major gifts are needed if we are to actualize a very ambitious publishing schedule (see “Projects of the Vajra Regent Ösel Tendzin Library.”) After initiating the first phase of this sustained effort, completing the digitization of the video and audio, we need to take the next steps to ensure an adequate database operation, and provide a secure and organized environment. Major gifts begin at $2,500. If you would like to discuss this option, please email Robert Krupnick at library@satdharma.org

Please join us as a partner in what promises to be a vibrant and productive year for the Library & Archives. The dedication and the skills are in place. All that is needed is green power to reach our goal of sharing this powerful collection with all who have the good fortune to discover it.


Ways We Thank Our Donors . . .

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The Library & Archives project is part of the non-profit work of Satdharma. Our 501 c3 Federal Tax ID # is 77-0511391.